Dating Dilemmas

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about dating, break-ups, relationships, the 1st date, & online dating.

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Have you ever wondered...

Why does he act like I'm his girlfriend but he won't commit?

How do I tell a man I want to be exclusive?

Where is the best place to meet single men? How do I approach a man and give him my number?

How do I move forward after a break-up? How do I "let go" of my ex?

I still miss my ex. Should I try to get back together with him? Is it ever ok to get back with an ex?

Should I break-up with him?

He's my dream man except for ____. Should I stay with him?

I've been cheated on in the past. How do I ever 100% trust my new boyfriend or anyone else ever again?

What is considered cheating? Is it ever ok to snoop through his things?

Who should pay for the 1st date?

He's been texting me a lot- but hasn't asked me out again. What should I do?

We had a great 1st date but then I saw he was active on the dating site. Does that mean he's not that interested?

A guy simply "winked" at me online. Wouldn't he message if he was actually interested?

I've been contacted by several men I'm interested in. How can I place some potential matches on the "back-burner"?

Only the wrong type of men contact me online! What should I do?


You've got questions... I've got answers!


And they're all right here:

I answer the 50 most frequently asked questions about Dating, Break-ups, Relationships, the 1st Date, and Online Dating.

I'll answer your most burning questions in a clear, concise, and applicable manner.

I receive emails daily asking for advice.

My private coaching clients ask me dating questions.

I'm asked questions on social media.

Even my single friends call me for dating advice!

You've got questions about how to handle dating situations, relationship dilemmas, handling break-ups, 1st date scenarios, and specific online dating situations.

Good thing for you-

I've got the answers...

and I'm going to share them all with you!


A dilemma is an opportunity to make a choice for your life.

Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made.

If you want a different result, make a different choice.

Challenging paths often lead to beautiful destinations.

I'm going to help you take it one step at a time.


"So what exactly do you answer in Dating Dilemmas?"


- You Ask

  • Dating Dilemmas is divided into 5 categories.
  • Each category contains 10 questions.
  • Every question is answered in a clear, concise, and applicable manner.

Totaling 50 questions, Dating Dilemmas is jam-packed full of important, insightful, and motivating information that will help you stay on the path towards the loving relationship you deserve.

The content is delivered to you via video format to watch at your own pace.

Watch the entire program OR go to the specific question you need answered! Each video has a Table of Contents with the questions listed with their time stamps so that you can quickly find exactly what you're looking for.

Single & Dating



The 1st Date

Online Dating

Within this video program, you'll discover the answers the most important questions and dilemmas you'll face on your journey to find love.


Oh... Did I mention it's risk free?

My mission in life is to positively impact other women's lives... that's why I pour my heart and soul into each client and program. My goal is to help women find the loving relationship they both deserve and desire.

This program is jam-packed with insights, techniques, and tools that have helped countless private clients during emotional dilemmas. I can't wait for them to help you! But, if for some reason, you don't feel like this course helped you - shoot me an email and I'll give you a full refund.


Meet your Dating and Relationship Coach:

She's got the book smarts: Psychology Degree and 13 Years Behavioral Experience

But more importantly...

She understands.

Real life experience: divorce... to starting over... to modern dating to happily-ever-after

Hey there, I’m Shauna. I help purpose driven women successfully date in the modern dating world and find the all encompassing love that they deserve. I provide relationship-ready women with tangible steps to transform their dating life.

I'm a dating and relationship coach that actually understands all of your dating frustrations because…

I’ve been in your shoes.

My extensive background in psychology and behavior plays a role in my coaching, but my true skill set was developed through personal experience. (I've experienced a heartbreaking divorce after my ex-husband's infidelity... to starting over... to modern dating... to happily-ever-after! Find out all the details of my journey here).

My approach focus on one thing: results.

Actual results you can sustain because they’re all about changing your approach… but never you.

I’ve helped countless private clients successfully date and find their one. I'm excited to provide the same insights, tools, and techniques via e-courses that I've provided private clients... at a fraction of the price.

I believe every woman deserves to experience true love from a man that is undeniably dedicated to her.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you and transforming your love life!


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  Single & Dating
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  Break- Ups
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  The First Date
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  Online Dating
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Discover the answers to the most important questions you'll face on your journey to find love.


Stop wondering and start knowing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I just google the answer?
Sure you can... and you'll probably find a slue of different answers, opinions, and ideas. Does that mean any of the answers "work" or are best for you? No way! In fact- some of the "answers" out there make me pretty darn upset! My answers are for the relationship-ready woman and my goal is to provide direction in a clear, concise, and applicable manner.
Is this program really worth the price?
That completely depends on one thing: what you value. Do you value knowing exactly what to do in tough dating and relationship scenarios? Do you value not waisting your time or emotions trying to figure out how to handle certain decisions? Then yes- it is worth it. This program is jam packed with more than 3.5 hours of specific insight that I used to only share with my private coaching clients. I pour my heart and soul into each program because it's my mission that you find value! You deserve to know the answers and stay on the right path towards the loving relationship you so desire (and deserve!).
Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?
I would never want you to be unhappy- my mission is to positively impact other women's lives. I wish I could GUARANTEE the outcome... but you have to take the action. I can guarantee this: I'm incredibly confident that my answers, insights, and solutions to each dilemma WILL give you a clear and actionable direction. You have 30 days to try Dating Dilemmas and if for some reason you don't feel like this course is helping you- shoot me an email and I'll gladly give you a refund.
Is there any woman that Dating Dilemmas ISN'T for?
Yes there certainly is. My answers are ONLY for the relationship-ready woman that is looking for clear, concise, and actionable answers. I'm all about one thing: results.... "quick fixes" and "tricks" often lead to short-term results. I will challenge you to dig deep, but if you follow my direction you WILL get to the destination you desire (that unconditionally loving relationship!).
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? As long as Dating Dilemmas is alive, you have unlimited access to this course - across any and all devices you own.