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What if you went on your last first date, fell in love with the right man for you, and finally had the loving relationship you deserve (and are oh-so-ready-for!)?

Here's a secret: You can
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Your online dating experience....

Does any of this sound familiar?

Frustrated with what type of men are messaging you.

Checking the inbox is frustrating because you aren't receiving messages from any men you're actually interested in. When you receive new messages, they typically consist of "hi" or "hey" from men whom you have zero interest. You find yourself wondering, "Why is THIS the type of man I attract?"

The right type of man rarely initiates contact.

Men you'd like to communicate with view your profile, but don't initiate contact.

Sent first messages to men you're interested in... only to be rejected.

You've reached out to interesting men, but very few (or none!) of them message you back.

Potential dates disappear mid-conversation.

You've been messaging with a man that has potential, only to see him "poof" right before your eyes.

Spent time getting to know someone that was only a disappointment in real-life.

You've communicated via message and text for days (or even weeks). When you finally meet for a date... you realize he is NOTHING like you thought.

Loosing motivation and hope.

You know you're ready for a relationship...heck, you even know you're a great catch! However, you're starting to worry that you'll never find love. You've been searching for him (for what feels like!) forever... So where is he already?

Online dating takes way too much time and effort.

The results (or lack-there-of) aren't worth the amount of energy it takes. Dating has become more of a job than a fun part of your lifestyle.


Did you nod your head "yes" to any (or all) of these?

Good. You are SO in the right place.


The truth is: Nothing changes if nothing changes.

If you keep dating the same way you've been dating... you will continue to get the exact same results.

Meaning: If you're truly ready to start sharing your life with the right man and truly desire to be in an unconditionally loving relationship...

Then you've got to do something DIFFERENT than what you've already been doing.


Take a moment and imagine a world where you could:

Enjoy the dating process. Your dates are with interesting, quality, and relationship- ready men.

Attract the right type of man. You authentically catch the attention of the right type of men. Potential matches initiate contact to see if there's a connection.

Confidently digitally flirt. You know how to increase his attraction and amplify the connection.

Easily move from Online to OFFline. You know exactly how to move an interaction to a real-life date without ever being the pursuer.

Go on your last first date. You effectively navigate through meeting, to dating, to becoming exclusive.

Have the relationship of your dreams. You didn't settle for anything less... and you're so thankful you didn't! You're happily with your one and enjoying the journey of growing as a couple.


Yep. F'real.

If it can happen for me and countless clients....

it can for you.

You really can achieve this-

once you start utilizing Online Dating the correct and effective way.

Meet your complete guide to mastering online dating and finding the loving relationship you deserve:

Finding Your One Online is my step by step course where I'll teach you exactly how to transform your dating experience, effectively utilize online dating, and find the love you deserve!

Discover ALL the tools you need to attract the right type of men, confidently interact with men, and easily move from online to OFFline .

And the best part?

You're getting EVERYTHING I utilize with my private coaching clients... for a fraction of the price.


You'll have access to all of the information, examples, insights, checkoff lists, tools, and techniques that I only give my private coaching clients... until now.

Let's Do This

Get Started Today!

Meet Lauren

Lauren's dating life transformed within 1 month of implementing Finding Your One Online's teachings.

At 33 years old, Lauren was incredibly frustrated with dating. After a difficult break-up, she decided that "love would find her when it was supposed to." When love didn't find her after almost 2 years (because that's not the way it works) she decided to accept that dating was an active process and do something about it!

Lauren realized the chances of meeting a compatible man within her social circle was limited. She optimistically joined an online dating site.

Her optimism quickly turned to frustration.

When Lauren first came to me, she was burnt out on dating and ready to give up. She felt lost, overwhelmed, and disheartened.

Thankfully, she didn't give up.

Lauren knew she wanted love more than anything...

so she decided to make a drastic change.

I systematically took her through all the steps in Finding Your One Online. She immediately changed her approach to online dating.

You know what else changed?

Her entire life... because she met her one!

Lauren went on her last first date with Wallace (her one!) within 1 month of implementing Finding Your One Online's insights.

She met him on the same dating site she was about to give up on.

Online dating didn't change.

What changed was Lauren's entire approach.


Let me take you back to what my online dating experience was like BEFORE.

This was BEFORE I developed the skill set, tools, and techniques to transform my experience. It's now part of the successful step by step system I teach my private coaching clients (and now teach you!)

The right type of man VIEWED my profile... but didn't initiate contact.

I chose photos based on how I looked ("good photos") and wrote a profile that described my personality. I thought, "I'll probably be on here 3 months and meet a great guy!"

Boy was I wrong! I received ridiculous messages from men I would never be interested in. I wrote multiple men only to be rejected (the 1st week I wrote 10 men... and heard back from ZERO!) . Men "poofed" in the middle of communication.

I didn't know how to authentically attract the right type of man. I didn't know the 4 must-have photos, how many photos, which photos are guaranteed to attract the wrong type of men, what will instantly cause men to "poof", or what I absolutely needed in my profile to attract the right type of men!


Moving from online to OFFline was difficult.

I thought it would be a breeze: you message a few times, then text, then go on a date.... right? If only it was that easy!

I found myself stressing over how to respond to messages, how to text with a guy I've never met, and how to set up a 1st date without him "poofing" in the middle of communication.

I didn't know how to easily move from messages to a real-life date. I didn't know when or if I should give out my number, how often I should text, how long I should text, or how to get a man to ask me on an actual in-person date!


I was exhausted, burnt-out, and ready to give up.

Logging into the dating site felt like a second job. Interacting with potential dates took up way too much time- especially because the typical results were either a disappointing in-person date OR no date at all. When I actually did go on dates, most of the time I found myself wishing I was at home (with my cats and Netflix!).

I didn't know how to effectively pre-screen and pre-qualify men before actually going on a first date. I didn't know what exact criteria I should be using to decide who to communicate with (I have a great workbook activity that will instantly bring you clarity!) or how to ensure I wasn't wasting my time with men that weren't relationship- ready.


What I didn't know then... I do know now!

I know because I didn't give up.

If I had...

I would have missed out on the absolute love of my life.

What did I do?

I experimented with different factors. I researched. I utilized my psychological background. I completely changed the way I approached online dating.


And you know what happened?

Dating went from frustrating... to fun!

I started to actually enjoy my dating life. Attractive and interesting men initiated contact with me. When I found a man I was interested in, I knew exactly how to initially grab his attention. I confidently interacted, pre-screened, and prequalified men before going on an actual date.


I went on amazing dates with amazing men!

The men I dated were the right type of man. I always knew I would at least enjoy going on a date with them... even if they weren't my one.


I regained hope!

I had seriously considered calling it quits and accepting the "love will happen when you least expect it" mentality (which is complete b*ll sh*t unless you live in a fairytale). Instead of giving up... I became committed to figuring this whole "online dating thing" out. That's when everything changed.

First, I completely changed my profile (photos, profile, etc.. I'll show you). Second, I completely changed how I interacted with men online and offline. Third, I watched my love life start to drastically transform in a positive direction.


I met MY one!

Kevin messaged me first. Honest moment: if Kevin had messaged me with the EXACT same profile when I first joined online dating... I would have never written him back. I would have passed on the greatest man I've ever met and the opportunity to have the relationship of my dreams. (There truly is a method to viewing and prescreening men's profiles- and I'll show you!) I developed my step by step process to go from online to OFFline... and went on my last first date.

Kevin asked me to marry him 6 months later!

We were married in Hawaii 8 months after the engagement.

If you're ready to STOP the frustration and START walking down the path towards the loving relationship you deserve... you're exactly in the right place.

I'm going to share with you every single little step in a clear, systematic, and applicable manner!

Aren't you ready to start the change today?

So, if online dating is so great...

Why is dating such struggle?

Why is online dating so much work?

Why is online dating so FRUSTRATING?


The reason is because...

You are using Online Dating the wrong way.

Huh? There's a correct way?


Nothing about online dating comes naturally. However, it's an amazing modern tool when utilized the correct way.

In fact, online dating is just like the gym.

The gym is an amazing modern tool... when utilized in the correct way.

It’s important for our health that we stay in good physical condition. Back before screens and office jobs, humans were naturally active. Therefore, humans naturally stayed in shape.

Can you imagine the look on our ancestors’ faces if we told them that "in the future humans will run on machines that stay in place and repetitively lift heavy pieces of iron"? That just sounds crazy… and very unnatural.

To be successful in this unnatural environment, you must develop the necessary skill set.

Let’s say you want to loose a few pounds. You can join the best gym in your city. You can pay money for it. You can even go everyday.

If after a few months you haven’t lost any weight- don’t come to me and say, “Shauna! My gym is broken. It doesn’t work! I haven’t had any results, therefore there must be something wrong with the gym.

No girl. Your gym isn’t broken.

You just don’t know how to utilize it the correct way... just like Online Dating.


You've got two choices here...


Keep trying to figure it out on your own.

If you keep doing what you've been doing... you'll continue to have the same results (or "non-results"... and that's just frustrating!)

It could take years of trial and error (like it did me!)...and there's a chance you might still be where you are today.


You can steal my secrets and systematically start transforming your love life.

What will you choose?

Thanks to Shauna, I have met the man of my dreams. He is caring, smart, witty, and an all around great guy. Her teachings and techniques allowed me to grow and gain clarity about my love life.

Shauna helped me have such a creative dating profile that truly represented me and caused many great men to reach out to me. Her techniques taught me how to select which men I should go on a date with. Because of her, I decided to go on a date with Dave. It’s because of Shauna’s insights and guidance that I have found such happiness.

I cannot thank Shauna enough for sharing all of her knowledge, expertise, and skills…. it is because of her that my dreams came TRUE!



What's included, you ask?


Finding Your One Online is systematically organized within 6 modules. This digital program consists of video lectures and workbook material. All the information is delivered to you in a clear, concise, and applicable manner.

I'll walk you through an easy to follow step by step process to master online dating and find your one!

You can easily access Finding Your One Online across all devices.

Let's take a look at what you'll learn in each of the 6 modules:


Choosing which site to join will drastically impact your experience with online dating. In this module, you'll learn exactly which site is the best for you and everything involved during the sign up process.

I'll provide you with an inside look into the top 3 dating sites, visually show you the differences, and provide you written reviews.

You'll confidently choose a site, username, and sign up!

After Module I, you will:

know the best 3 dating sites and understand their differences. You'll inside each site and know their signup process and navigation.

assuredly choose the best site for you.

understand the difference between app dating vs site dating.

create the perfect username and sign up.


Photos are arguably THE most important factor on your profile. In this module, you'll learn exactly which photos you should chose to attract the right type of men. Not only will I tell you the biggest don'ts, dos, and must-haves... I'm also going to SHOW you real life examples!

You'll see real women with examples of the good, the bad, and everything in-between.

Plus... I'm going to show you all MY ACTUAL profile photos I used BEFORE I understood online dating (when my experience was frustrating!) and MY ACTUAL PHOTOS AFTER (when I was finally attracting the right type of men).

*Sidenote: it had nothing to do with "looks" or "better photos" of me! One huge mistake is simply choosing photos based on "level of attractiveness"... I can't wait to show you what really matters!

I'll provide you with a specific photo checkoff list so you can start selecting the right photos to make a great digital first impression and attract the right type of man.

After Module II, you will:

know the exact number of photos you need on your profile.

understand the 4 MUST-have photos.

avoid the biggest photo don'ts and include the most important dos.

have a clear plan (and check-off worksheet) to start gathering your own photos.

confidently complete the photo section of your profile.


Relationship-ready men read EVERY written word on your profile. In this module, we'll tackle all the written portions of your profile from the summary to your headline.

Your written summary is literally the make or break part of your profile that causes him to initiate contact or move on to the next.

Now you will understand the biggest profile don'ts that will repel men INSTANTLY, the biggest dos, and the one MUST-have (that most women don't have!). You'll see real life profile examples so you can see exactly what works and why.

One of those profile examples is MY ACTUAL PROFILE (that attracted MY one!). I'll share with you what worked, what I would change now (if "I" were my own client), and specifically what you can implement in your own profile.

I'll provide you with the exact brainstorming profile questions I ask private clients to begin piecing together your own unique profile.

After Module III, you will:

understand how men view your profile.

avoid the biggest don'ts that repel men INSTANTLY

include the important profile MUST-have (that most women don't have!).

confidently create a unique headline.

complete your profile (username, photos, written portion, and headline).

have a profile that authentically stands out and is a great representation of YOU!


To find your one, you must know exactly who you're looking for. In this module you'll gain clarity on "who" your one is. You'll learn exactly how to screen for him and learn how to not settle (just focus!).

Within this module, you'll complete an exercise that always makes a huge impact on my private coaching clients. (This is the same exercise Lauren mentioned in her testimonial that greatly impacted her dating approach and lead her to her one.)

After Module IV, you will:

have clarity on the exact type of man that will be your one.

understand how to effectively approach online dating (vs. how your brain initially views online dating).

know how to screen for potentially compatible partners.


Knowing how to digitally flirt doesn't come naturally. However, the right type of online interactions can set the right tone for a developing relationship. In this module, I'm going to show you how to flirt through a screen.

I'll teach you how to get a man's attention you're interested in (Should you ever message first? The answer may surprise you!), how to respond when he initiates contact, and what timeframe you should message a man back.

You'll learn the 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES women make in messages that repel men instantly.

You'll see clear examples and formulas for how to respond to messages and handle specific situations.

After Module V, you will:

know how to get a man's attention you're interested in.

avoid the 3 biggest mistakes most women make in messages.

know when and how to respond to his communication.

confidently digitally flirt.


The entire point of getting online is to get OFFline with a potential match.

In this module, you'll master the effective technique that will take you effortlessly from online, to text, to phone, to date. You'll know exactly how make interactions with potential matches to actual dates

I'll teach you how to pre-screen and pre-qualify men in order to save time by only going on quality dates.

After Module VI, you will:

know how to pre-screen and pre-qualify potential dates.

effectively move from online to OFFline.

avoid texting too often and get to an actual phone conversation with potential matches.

stop wasting your time with the wrong men and ensure you don't pass up a great man.

understand the flaws with online dating but have the tools to overcome them!

master online dating and know how to utilize it the correct way.

You'll have an effective holistic plan of action that will guide you during the journey to finding your one.


Think about where you want to be 6 months from now...

or even 1 month from now....

Do you have a proven plan to get there?


If you're ready for love, I've got your plan.

You can start using my step by step process I teach in Finding Your One Online to master online dating and find the loving relationship you deserve.

Meet your Dating and Relationship Coach

She's got the book smarts: Psychology Degree and 13 Years Behavioral Experience

But more importantly...

She understands.

(Real life experience: divorce... to modern dating... to happily-ever-after)

Hey there, I’m Shauna. I help purpose driven women successfully date in the modern dating world and find the all encompassing love that they deserve. I provide relationship-ready women with tangible steps to transform their dating life.

I'm a dating and relationship coach that actually understands all of your dating frustrations because… I’ve been in your shoes.

My extensive background in psychology and behavior plays a role in coaching, but my true skill set was developed through personal experience. (I've experienced a heartbreaking divorce after my ex-husband's infidelity... to starting over... to modern dating... to happily-ever-after! Find out all the details of my journey here.)

I’m a dating expert that didn’t just “learn” about online dating— I’ve actually experienced it.

I know how easy it is to become discouraged, frustrated, and burnt-out when you’re using online dating the wrong way.

I also know what an amazing modern tool online dating can be once you have the necessary tools and techniques. The first love life I transformed was my own. My entire online dating experience drastically changed and I met MY one!

Now, I’ve helped countless private clients successfully utilize online dating and find their one.

My proven tools and techniques focus on one thing: results.

Actual results you can sustain because they’re all about changing your approach… but never you.

If you’re ready to find your one- then I’ve created this course for you. All the insights I share with private clients is at your fingertips. Finding the One Online will provide you the exact steps to that all encompassing love you deserve!

Thanks to Shauna, my life has changed completely!

When I was single and frustrated, Shauna's insights lead me in the right direction and straight to my husband! I'm now married to my best friend and have a sweet baby boy! She couldn't have been more right.



Oh... and did I mention it's all risk-free?

Finding Your One Online is jam-packed with all the insights, techniques, and tools that have helped my private clients successfully master online dating and find the loving relationship they deserve.

This is YOUR opportunity to transform your love life... risk free.

Now, let me be clear on what I'm guaranteeing. I wish I could gurantee that you'll find love immediately- but I don't promise things I can't control. What I can guarantee you is this: you'll have all the tools needed to utilize online dating in a whole new way. You'll have a strategy to implement change. You'll have a clear plan to transform your love life and find your one.

I want you to find love... and I can't wait to hear your success story!

My mission in life is to positively impact other women's lives... and this program has impacted so many women (just like you). But if for some reason you don't feel like this course is helping you- shoot me an email and I'll gladly give you a refund.


Wanna take a sneak peak inside the course?

Course Curriculum

Shauna drastically changed my online dating experience. Her approach and techniques allowed me to see online dating in an entirely new light. I was about to "take a break" when I decided to make a change. These few changes changed everything! My profile finally attracted the right type of men and I had a clear plan as to which men to actually go on dates with.

Thanks to her, I found my one using online dating! I couldn't be happier being engaged to this wonderful, loving man!



You deserve love.

Not just I’d-rather-be-with-you-than-be-alone love…

I mean real, unfiltered, all encompassing, confident, accepting, and unconditional love.


This is your moment to take action and change your love life.

Right now. No more wasted months, days, or even seconds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any women that this course ISN'T for?
Yes there certainly is. This course isn't for (1) "Quick Fix Seekers"- I'm not about "tricks" or short-term results. My approach is incredibly holistic. I also don't hide the fact that it's going to take effort to make a change. You'll have an easy to follow step-by-step action plan to make these changes -but since we're not living in a Disney movie- love isn't going to happen overnight. (2) "Hook-Up Phase"- while I have zero judgement if you're just dating for fun, my program won't help you. Finding Your One Online is only for relationship-ready women.
This course would be a big invest for me. Is it really worth the price?
It depends on one thing: what you value. Do you value knowing exactly what to do differently, transforming your love life, and finding your one? Then yes- it's worth it. We invest our money where we find value (clothes, shoes, dinners, decor, etc). I'm sure you value love above all of those other things, therefore... what you're probably actually thinking is: "I don't want to spend money on something that seems unnecessary." You're ready for a relationship, so I think you know deep inside that it's time for a change. This is your opportunity (at a much lower price than private coaching) for that change! How many more months (or years!) are you going to keep wasting your time, approaching dating the same way, and struggling with men? This course may be an investment, but imagine how much time and energy you could be wasting by NOT enrolling in this course. Imagine how much longer you will continue to be frustrated and discouraged. Your heart deserves this.
Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?
You bet! You have 30 days to try my proven strategies, techniques, and tools to start transforming your love life. I wish I could GUARANTEE that you'll fall in love immediately, but I don't promise things I can't control. I also don't hide the fact that you have to do your part to implement these changes AND that it doesn't happen overnight. What I can guarantee is that you'll have the tools, skill set, and mindset to attract your one. My mission in life is to positively impact other women's lives... and I'm confident this course will impact yours! But, if for some reason you don't feel like this course is helping you- shoot me an email and I'll gladly give you a refund.
Can't I just find this information online?
You can find just about anything online these days, but does that mean it's actually valuable? Or actually works? No Ma'am! . One of the reasons I created this course is because there are so many incorrect "tips" and "tricks" out there. I want to provide you the most clear, effective, and applicable tools that will lead you directly on the path to finding your one.
What format is the content delivered in?
This is a digital course and content is shared via video lectures and a 45 page workbook. All information is delivered in a clear, concise, and applicable step-by-step manner. The workbook pages are located under their accompanying video lecture to ensure you progress through this course in the most impactful manner.
When does the course start and finish?
This program is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. While I will urge you to take the necessary amount of time to absorb the information and complete the applicable assignments before moving on to the next lecture (because they are jam-packed with impactful insights!), you get to decide which pace is right for you!
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? As long as Finding Your One Online is alive (and I expect it to have a looooong, healthy life) you have unlimited access to this course across any and all devices you own. I'll also be updating the content as needed!