Journey To Your One

Heal from your past, discover authentic confidence, change your approach to dating, & enJOY the journey to Epic Love.


If you are frustrated with dating and absolutely ready for an unconditionally loving relationship➞ I created this in-depth program for you.

Journey To Your One is my 12 week program designed to completely transform your dating life and help you find Epic Love.

⭐️This program is incredibly holistic and is the last dating resource you will ever need. ⭐️

I know what you're going through because... I've been in your shoes.

I know what it feels like...

To be completely devastated and heartbroken after a break-up.

To have trust issues with men and feel like I'm on an emotional rollercoaster.

To DREAD online dating because it is nothing but FRUSTRATING, full of emotionally unavailable men, and a waste of time.

To feel hopeless and defeated while wondering, "Am I just destined to be single forever??"

To have anxiety over waiting on a text, dealing with mixed signals, or wondering if he'll ask me out again.

To LONG for the right relationship so that I can finally share my life with a true partner that unconditionally loves me.

I also know what it feels like...

To finally let go of the past and heal my heart.

To break bad dating patterns and stop wasting my time on emotionally unavailable men.

To stop waiting on my life to be perfect to finally start enJOYing my life in the present.

To actually enJOY the dating process and go on great dates with the right type of men.

To go on my last first date, have the right man actively pursue me, and never have to question where the relationship is going.

To experience extraordinary Epic Love in my ordinary daily life.

It's time to STOP the frustrations and END the anxiety.

It's time to START walking down the path that will lead you to the unconditionally loving relationship you deserve (and are oh-so-ready for!).


As a dating and relationship coach, I'm all about one thing:

Real, tangible results.

Actual results you can sustain, because:

I do not believe in using gimmicks or tricks as they only yield short-term results.

My proven tools, techniques, and strategies work for any relationship-ready woman.


“Shauna drastically changed my entire dating experience. Her approach and techniques allowed me to see dating in an entirely new light. I was about to "take a break" when I decided to make a change. These few changes changed everything! I finally attracted the right type of men and I had a clear plan as to which men to actually go on dates with.

Thanks to her, I found my One using online dating! I couldn't be happier being engaged to this wonderful, loving man!”


Jenny started working with me at 39. She feared that she was destine to be single and would miss out on becoming a Mom. She is now happily married with two daughters ages 3 and 1.


Journey To Your One is 12 weeks total.

Each week is jam-packed full of impactful coaching videos and guidebook materials that work cohesively together.

The 12 weeks are broken down into 3 different parts (that are 4 weeks each).

Once you enroll, you will immediately have access to all the content in Week 1... so you can get started NOW (like this-very-minute!). Then, every 7 days, a new week will be unlocked.

You are free to go at your pace because after the 12 weeks, you have ✨LIFETIME✨ access to all the digital content and all future updates.

Journey To Your One can be accessed from ANY device at ANY time using your log-in information.

Here's a look at what you'll be covering in each part.

During the first 4 weeks, you'll focus on healing from your past, ending toxic dating patterns, and finding joy in the present.

The coaching videos and guidebook exercises will help you break free from the dating cycle, stop wasting your time with the wrong men, discover authentic confidence, and know how to open yourself up to meeting men in real life.

(Part I Retail Value➞ $917)

In weeks 5-8, you'll discover exactly how to pre-screen and prequalify potential dates. You will gain complete clarity on what qualities Your One will have AND you will know how to only emotionally invest the RIGHT amount so you end the frustration and stop pointlessly getting hurt.

During these weeks, we'll also dive deep into how to authentically attract the RIGHT type of men online (from your photos, profile, messages, pre-screening men, moving from online to offline, etc.), dating multiple men, and understanding men's mixed signals.

(Part 2 Retail Value➞ $929)

During weeks 9-12, you'll learn how to foster an early connection, represent yourself authentically on the first date, and create the foundation for a committed exclusive relationship from the very beginning.

You will know how to authentically flirt, have high-value men pursue you, and enJOY the present while confidently knowing you are on the right path to Epic Love.

(Part 3 Retail Value➞ $917)

The content in this 12 week program is the equivalent of over 6 months of private coaching. So, if you need to spend more time in one week... take your time

⭐️You have LIFETIME access to the coaching material in Journey To Your One.

When you commit to watching the coaching videos, completing the exercises, and applying what is taught➞ This program will transform your dating life and put you on the right path to Epic Love.

Journey To Your One is incredibly holistic and is the LAST dating resource you will ever need.

More details on the exact topics + preview inside the program below!


This is your moment to change EVERYTHING.

👉All you have to do is take ACTION.

Sometimes, taking that first actionable step to invest in yourself can be the hardest part.

But you've got this.

Take the first step and start creating the life you want (and deserve) TODAY!

The Truth Is:

If you keep dating the same way you've been dating...

Then NOTHING will change.

Change can be hard➞ but it doesn't have to be!

One of the best parts of Journey To Your One is

Let me share my proven tools, techniques, and strategies with you!

Let me give you guidance during this season of your life, take away your frustrations, and finally break the toxic dating cycle.

Let me take you on the journey to heal from your past, discover authentic confidence, change your approach to dating, and enJOY your journey to Epic Love.

Take advantage of this opportunity to access Journey To Your One NOW and get started transforming your love life right-this-very-second.


“Shauna helped me completely change how I dated. I was hesitant to try some of her suggestions, but with her support, I decided to trust her. And I’m telling you… My entire dating experience CHANGED once I implemented what she taught me (especially the ‘Clarity on Your One’ exercise!).

Shauna helped me open my heart, change my approach, and it lead me to the life and man of my dreams!"


Lauren started working with me when she was burnt-out and ready to give up on dating. Once she implemented just a few changes... she met her One on the same dating site she was about to give up on! Lauren is now happily married and just gave birth to a baby girl.


Journey To Your One has 12 weeks of content that is divided into three sections→ each lasting 4 weeks.

Let's take a closer look at those 12 weeks!

(⭐️Near the bottom of this page you can actually see INSIDE of the program and open a preview of the content.)

Week 1→ Embrace and Love Your Life

Week 2→ That Baggage is Heavy

Week 3→ Claim What Is Yours

Week 4→ Let Those Walls Down

You Will:

Heal from your past. You'll take the lessons but drop the baggage.

End toxic dating patterns and be able to recognize them early on.

Stop wasting your time with the WRONG type of men.

Discover authentic confidence and self love.

Know how to open yourself up to meeting men in your everyday life.

Find JOY in the present.

Week 5→ Your One

Week 6→ Jumping Into Online Dating

Week 7→ Online to OFFline

Week 8→ Navigating Bumps In The Road

You Will:

Confidently pre-screen and prequalify potential dates. You'll know exactly what qualities to look for in a potential partner.

Have complete clarity on Your One.

Completely change your approach to Online Dating so that you know how to authentically attract the right type of men and how to effectively utlize Online Dating (from your photos, profile, messages, screening, moving from ONline to OFFline, ect.).

Know how to only emotionally invest the RIGHT amount so you end the frustration and stop pointlessly getting hurt.

Understand men's mixed signals and know exactly how to respond to them.

Start to find JOY in your dating life.

Week 9→ The First Date

Week 10→ Connecting

Week 11→ Authentically Flirting

Week 12→ Foundation For Epic Love

You Will:

Confidently and authentically flirt with men (prior to the date and during the date).

Know how to have high-value men pursue you.

Understand how to foster an early connection and deepen the relationship.

Know how to create the foundation for a committed exclusive relationship from the very beginning.

EnJOY the present while confidently knowing you are on the right path to Epic Love.


The combination of all the content in Journey To Your One (the in-depth coaching videos, the guidebook materials, and impactful guidebook exercises):

Will systematically guide you step-by-step to END your dating frustrations, transform your love life, and lead you on the journey to Epic Love.

Journey To Your One can be accessed from ANY device at ANY time using your log-in information.

You unlock EVERY PART of Journey To Your One for one price.

Total Retail Value➞ $2,763

Your Investment➞ $1,259

(Payment Plans Available)


“Thanks to Shauna, I have met the man of my dreams. He is caring, smart, witty, and an all around great guy. Her teachings and techniques allowed me to grow and gain clarity about my love life and let go of my bad dating history.

Shauna helped me have such a creative dating profile that truly represented me and caused many great men to reach out to me. Her techniques taught me how to select which men I should go on a date with. She completely changed the way I dated and built a relationship. Because of her, I decided to go on a date with Dave. It’s because of Shauna’s insights and guidance that I have found such happiness.

I cannot thank Shauna enough for sharing all of her knowledge, expertise, and skills…. it is because of her that my dreams came TRUE!”


Rachel started working with me right after going through a break-up. I took her through all the steps in Journey To Your One... and she went on her last first date after only 4 weeks in the program! She is now happily married and expecting her daughter to arrive in Spring of 2019!


What you're really wondering is:

"Is it really worth the price?"

"I've tried so many other things. Will this actually work for me and is it really worth it?"

➡️The answer is this: It depends on what you value.

Do you value knowing step-by-step exactly what to do differently, transforming your love life, and finding Your One?

Do you value having an expert's proven guidance to stop the toxic dating cycle forever?

Do you value having the tools, techniques, and strategies to end your dating frustrations and be on the right path to Epic Love?

Then yes➞ it's 100% worth it.

We invest our money where we find value (clothes, shoes, dinners, decor, etc). I'm sure you value love above all of those other things, therefore... what you're probably actually thinking is:

"I don't want to spend money on something that seems unnecessary."

I KNOW you're ready for a relationship.

I KNOW you're frustrated with dating.

I KNOW you KNOW that something needs to change.

This is your opportunity for that change!

This program may be an investment for you, but,

What is the true cost of NOT taking action?

👉 How many more months (or years) are you going to keep wasting your time stressing over text messages, longing for a relationship, and dating emotionally unavailable men?

👉 How much longer will you allow yourself to stay on the emotional rollercoaster of getting your hopes up only to be let down?

👉 How much longer you will continue to be frustrated and discouraged with your love life while wondering if you'll ever finally go on your last first date with Your One?

Your heart deserves this.

What if just...

ONE Technique in Journey To Your One...

Helps you end bad dating patterns, get off the dating rollercoaster, and never date another emotionally unavailable man again?

ONE Strategy in Journey To Your One...

Allows you to start actively going on dates with the right type of men and start to actually enjoy dating?

ONE Piece of Advice in Journey To Your One...

Helps you make the right decision on your profile, a first date, or even a conversation to end up in the right relationship with your soulmate?

ONE Idea in Journey To Your One...

Causes you to go on your last first date, fall madly in love, and finally share your life with the Your One?

What would those changes be worth to you over a lifetime with Your One??

$5,000?...$10,000?...$20,000...$50,000... or more?

Get started now!


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Journey To Your One is 12 full weeks, and it starts the moment you enroll. 🤗 You will have access to week 1 immediately! After 7 days, week 2 will be unlocked, and so on. You can go at your own pace and take your time with all the content! After the 12 weeks, you will have ✨LIFETIME✨ access to all the digital content- even if I update the content (coaching videos, guidebook pages, etc).
Is there any woman this course is NOT for?
Yes, there certainly is. This course is NOT for 1️⃣”Quick Fix Seekers”➞ I’m not about gimmicks or tricks because they typically only yield short-term results. My approach is incredibly holistic. I also don’t hide the fact that it’s going to take effort from you to make a change. While I don’t have magical fairy dust to give you🧚‍♀️, I can offer you an easy to follow step-by-step plan, proven strategies, and transformational guidebook exercises. ❤️You also are invited to join our private membership group where you will receive on-going guidance and never be alone. 2️⃣ “Hook-Up Phase”➞ While I have zero judgement if you’re just dating for fun, this program won’t help you. Journey To Your One (and all of my coaching) is ONLY for the relationship-ready woman.
What happens after I buy it?
Yaaay! 🎉You will be officially enrolled and immediately gain access to Week 1! You will be automatically sent your welcome email to the email address you use at checkout that includes a link. When you log-in to the course, you will see that week 1 is unlocked and be able to get started TODAY!
What if I just met someone I’m interested in?
First of all… yaaaaaay! I can’t wait to hear all about it! 👏 This course is still perfect for you. As you know by now, my approach is incredibly holistic. This program isn’t just dating advice… it’s transformational.💥 Journey To Your One will give you the tools to heal from your past and end toxic dating patterns. This program will give you clarity to know if this relationship is right for you —and if it is— it will also give you the tools necessary build a strong foundation that can lead to commitment and Epic Love.❤️ When you’re used to dating f*boys and being on an emotional roller coaster… dating a good guy can actually feel scary AF. You’re about the have all the guidance and tools to stay on the right path.
What if I want some 1:1 time with you? Do you still offer private coaching?
Yes I do! ❤️Whether you want to ask me about a specific situation, get help creating the Ultimate Dating Profile for you, or need some guidance to work through the life changing exercises in this program... I'm here for you! ✨I have special 1:1 coaching packages that I ONLY offer to the women in this program. You'll have the opportunity to work with me for just one session, three sessions, or however many you'd like. 💥You'll get those details once you are inside the program... but if you have any specific questions about additional coaching feel free to email me ([email protected]).
What if I have additional questions?
You can reach out to me personally→ [email protected] | 👉I want to make sure you get ALL your questions answered so you can start be excited to start transforming your love life. Forget reaching out to my support team and feel free to directly reach out to me.☺️

“Thanks to Shauna, my life has changed completely!

When I was single and frustrated, Shauna's insights lead me in the right direction and straight to my husband!

I'm now married to my best friend and man of my dreams! She couldn't have been more right.”


Chelsea only needed a few tweaks to change her approach. She broke bad dating patterns, started recognizing red flags, and knew exactly what to look for in her One. She is now happily married and has two sons ages 5 and 3.


Course Curriculum

  Welcome To Journey To Your One!
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Still wondering if you should enroll?

There is one way to know FOR SURE if this right for you:

➞Take a quiet moment (yep- right now!), close your eyes, and

She is always RIGHT!

How many times have you ignored her just to look back and wish you had listened?

If your gut says, "This is NOT the program for you." or "You are NOT ready for change."....

✨Then LISTEN! Do NOT enroll in Journey To Your One!


If your gut says, "This IS the program for you! Take the leap of faith, make finding love a true priority, and enroll!"


Take the action you may be scared to take... but know-from-within is right.

Enroll NOW and don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to get started right-this-second.

Stop letting your head get in the way, stop second guessing her, and take the action she knows is right.