Understanding Men's Mixed Signals

Decoding 5 confusing AF men you WILL encounter & EXACTLY how to respond to them.

Ghosting, flaky, emotionally unavailable, inconsistent, texting-but-not-asking-you-on-a-date, and more...


👉You're about to understand what his mixed signals ACTUALLY mean,

... AND ...

⭐️Know EXACTLY how to respond to them.⭐️

When you are ready for the RIGHT relationship, the modern dating world is incredibly FRUSTRATING and FULL of flaky men that send mixed signals.

Does any of this sound familiar?

🤔 He says he wants to see you again... but then he ghosts you.

🤔 He texts you all the time... but never actually asks you out.

🤔 He goes weeks without talking... but then suddenly texts you out of the blue.

🤔 He shows you affection and treats you like you're his girlfriend... but he avoids the "what are we" conversation.

🤔 He tells you how much he likes you... but drags his feet on making the next move.

🤔 He says he misses you and wants to see you... but he never makes concrete plans.

If you are shaking your head YES to any of these...

You are SO at the right place.

It can feel like you need a detective, a psychic, and an army of girlfriends to help you analyze what he said, re-read his texts 100 times, and try to determine if the relationship is going anywhere.

And how you decide to respond feels like the ultimate Make-It or Break-It moment... especially when you actually like this guy.

⭐️But it doesn't have to be like that.⭐️

That's why I created the masterclass Understanding Men's Mixed Signals.

Understanding Men's Mixed Signals is an hour long masterclass that is jam-packed with actionable steps you can apply NOW and see INSTANT results.

This masterclass has helped 1,000's of relationship-ready women decode his confusing behavior, understand WHY he is sending mixed signals, AND know EXACTLY how to respond to these mixed signals.

You are about to know...

How to get him to commit without being demanding or using ultimatums.

✅ The 3 most common times ghosting happens and the 3 ways to deal with ghosting.

✅ Exactly how to respond to "out of the blue" texts.

✅ The 3 steps to date towards exclusivity.

✅ Why a guy will ask you out yet leave it vague.

How to stop getting hurt by emotionally unavailable men.

... and so much more!

FYI➞ My guidance is incredibly holistic.

I do not believe in ANY dating advice that tells YOU to change.

❌ I will NEVER give any guidance or suggestions that tells you to act UNAUTHENTIC.

"Say this exact script... Make him fall in love with you by doing this... Laugh at his jokes... Put on a fitted dress... Wear red lipstick..."

In fact... I HATE that kind of dating advice.

I do not believe in gimmicks or tricks because they only yield short-term results.

It's all about changing your ✨APPROACH... but it's never about changing YOU.

If you are frustrated with dating, yet ready for the RIGHT relationship, I created Understanding Men's Mixed Signals for you.

💥Understanding Men's Mixed Signals is jam-packed with proven strategies you can apply NOW and see IMMEDIATE results.

(Keep scrolling to see the exact 5 confusing "types" of men I will systematically decode and show you exactly how to respond to.)

Take the first step towards ending toxic dating patterns and getting on the right path towards Epic Love You can unlock this masterclass right now for only $17.


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In Understanding Men's Mixed Signals, I systematically decode 5 types of men you WILL (and probably already have) encountered.

You are going to know EXACTLY how to respond to:

1️⃣ The Ghoster The guy who suddenly disappears from your life without warning.

⭐️ Ghosting is incredibly painful because you are stuck in a state of limbo. After watching Understanding Men's Mixed Signals, you are going to understand why it happens, how to respond, and how to move forward from the experience.

You are about to discover:

The 3 most common times ghosting happens.

✅ WHY ghosting happens.

The 3 responses for you to deal with ghosting.

2️⃣ The Zombie The guy who suddenly “out of the blue” texts or reaches out to you and is "back from the dead.”

⭐️ Maybe he ghosted you, did the slow-fade-away, or maybe he's even an ex... you thought the potential connection was dead and ... BOOM... he texts you, comments on Instagram, DMs you, etc. Understanding WHY this happens, what his intentions are, and how to respond (if you choose to!) can have a major impact on your dating life.

You are about to discover:

EXACTLY how to respond to those "out of the blue" texts.

✅ WHY he suddenly contacted you.

What it really means when he suddenly reaches out.

3️⃣ The Breadcrumber The guy who gives you just enough "crumbs" to keep you interested and confused.

⭐️ Maybe he waits until the last minute to see you, texts you like crazy one day then goes days without talking, tells you he's super in to you but drags his feet with the next step, and other inconsistent behavior....When true feelings have developed, it can be hard to recognize breadcumbing and even harder to know how to respond to him (especially if you are starting to really like him).

You are about to discover:

The EXACT 3 steps to respond to breadcrumbing.

✅ WHY breadcrumbing and inconsistent behaviors happen in the first place.

How to recognize when you are being strung along and what to do about it.

4️⃣ The Vague "Let's Hang Out" Flaky DaterThe guy who asks you out but never makes concrete plans.

⭐️ He consistently texts you and will suggest the two of you "Meet up this weekend" or "Hang out next week" but keeps it vague. It's hard to know if you should leave that timeframe open for him... or not. It's also confusing to know if you should reach out to him to finalize the plans, or if you should wait on him to reach out to you.

You are about to discover:

WHY he is flaky and vague in making plans.

✅ What it means when he suggests you see each other but doesn't make concrete plans or schedule an actual date.

Exactly how to respond to his texts.

5️⃣ The "Acts-Like-He's-Your-Boyfriend-But-Won't-Commit"➞ The guy who acts like you’re in a relationship most of the time but won’t fully commit.

⭐️ NOTHING is more confusing than when the guy you have been seeing for a while... who talks to you almost every day, is incredibly affectionate, tells you how much he cares about you, is a nice guy, and that you KNOW is more than a hook-up... will NOT fully commit to you.

You are about to discover:

The 3 steps to date towards exclusivity.

WHY he will act like he's your boyfriend, but will not fully commit.

EXACTLY how to get him to commit without being demanding or using ultimatums.



How about some ⭐️FREE⭐️ Bonuses?

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⭐️ FREE BONUS #1➞ How To Get Him To Stop Texting You and Ask You On a Date

Have you ever had a guy text you (like over and over🙄)... yet he never actually ask you on a real date?

While you can't actually make him ask you out (And as I've said- I do NOT teach gimmicks or tricks to manipulate men- because that isn't the key to an AUTHENTIC relationship... and you wouldn't want to do that anyway!)... I WILL show you how to gently set up boundaries that will cause him to either step up or step out.

This guide will show you EXACT responses that will help him:

1️⃣ Get the idea in his head that you are not going to keep this texting game going forever.

2️⃣ Move him in the direction of initiating asking you on a date.

3️⃣ Subtly suggest he makes an effort to see you.

4️⃣ Actually INCREASE the flirty vibe instead of killing by sounding demanding.

⭐️ FREE BONUS #2➞ The Perfect Profile Kit

Do you ever feel like you only attract the WRONG type of men online?

Your dating profile is THE key to attracting the RIGHT type of men for you.

This guide will share what you MUST know about creating your ULTIMATE profile that will authentically attract the right type of men AND truly represent who you are.

This guide includes:

➡️ Real life profile example of a before and after.

➡️ Your Perfect Profile Checklist.

➡️ The detrimental mistake you MUST avoid on your dating profile.

➡️ What you MUST include on your dating profile to authentically stand out.

➡️ Anatomy of a BAD profile.

➡️ Anatomy of a PERFECT profile.


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“Shauna helped me completely change how I dated. I was hesitant to try some of her suggestions, but I decided to trust her. And I’m telling you… My entire dating experience CHANGED once I implemented what she taught me.

I met my (now) husband only 5 weeks after making changes to how I approached dating.

Shauna helped me open my heart, change my approach, and it lead me to the life and man of my dreams!"


Lauren started working with me when she was burnt-out and ready to give up on dating. Once she implemented just a few changes... she met her One on the same dating site she was about to give up on! Lauren is now happily married and has a little girl that just turned 1.


Hey there, I’m Shauna.

If you are frustrated with dating but ready for the RIGHT relationship...

You are SO in the right place!

⭐️I will help you STOP wasting time with emotionally unavailable men, START attracting the RIGHT type of men, and end up in the loving relationship you deserve.

When you are ready for the RIGHT relationship, the modern dating wold is incredibly frustrating.

I know... because I've been in your shoes!

I've got the psychology degree, 20 years behavioral experience, and have helped thousands of women transform their love life... but even more importantly...

I understand.💗

When I was 29, I discovered my (now ex) husband was cheating on me. I stayed for an entire year trying to make the marriage work.

It didn't work out... and a year later...

💔 I was divorced, 30 years old, single, heartbroken, and completely starting over.

And, after taking some time to heal, jumping into this modern dating world only made me feel MORE frustrated and disheartened (as you can probably relate!).

I know what it feels like...

To be completely devastated and heartbroken after a break-up.

To have trust issues with men and feel like I'm on an emotional rollercoaster.

To DREAD online dating because it is nothing but FRUSTRATING, full of emotionally unavailable men, and a waste of time.

To feel hopeless and defeated while wondering, "Am I just destined to be single forever??"

To have anxiety over waiting on a text, dealing with mixed signals, or wondering if he'll ask me out again.

To LONG for the right relationship so that I can finally share my life with a true partner that unconditionally loves me.

There was a moment that I almost gave up...

...But I didn't...

Instead of giving up, I set out on a mission I utilized my psychological background, I experimented with different factors, I wrote everything down...

I completely changed the way I approached dating and it completely changed my experience.

And now, I can proudly say I also know what it feels like...

To finally let go of the past and heal my heart.

To break toxic dating patterns and stop wasting time on emotionally unavailable men.

To stop waiting on my life to be perfect to finally start enJOYing my life in the present.

To actually enJOY the dating process and go on great dates with the right type of men.

To go on my last first date, have the right man actively pursue me, and never have to question where the relationship is going.

To experience extraordinary Epic Love in my ordinary daily life.

I am now happily married to the absolute love of my life.

The love I share with Kevin is real, unfiltered, all encompassing, confident, accepting, and unconditional love.

Listen to me when I say:

It's out there for you too.


The truth is:

➞ Nothing changes if nothing changes.


If you keep dating the same way you've been dating... You will continue to get the exact same results.

If you're truly ready to start sharing your life with the right man and truly desire to be in an unconditionally loving relationship...

⭐️Then you've got to do something DIFFERENT than what you've already been doing.⭐️

(And remember, it's all about changing your ✨APPROACH✨, but it's never about changing ✨YOU.✨)


The information I share in Understanding Men's Mixed Signals is the first step in navigating through the cloudy space between the first date and the "what are we" conversation.

It's time to:

🆇 Stop being confused by his mixed signals.

🆇 Stop having anxiety over what to text back.

🆇 Stop getting hurt by emotionally unavailable men.

🆇 Stop being frustrated over WTF is happening in your love life.

It's time to take the first step towards approaching dating in a new way...

So that you can attract the RIGHT type of men, actually enJOY the dating process, and be on the right path towards Epic Love.

👉Take action now and instantly unlock Understanding Men's Mixed Signals for only $17.

💥I am going to share things you have NEVER heard before and share ACTIONABLE steps you can apply NOW and see INSTANT results.

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“Thanks to Shauna, I have met the man of my dreams.

Shauna helped me completely change how I dated. Her techniques taught me how to select which men I should go on a date with and how to set the relationship up to move towards being exclusive.

Because of her, I decided to go on a date with Dave. I applied all of her teachings- and am now in a relationship that truly accepts me and loves me unconditionally.

It’s because of Shauna’s insights and guidance that I have found such happiness... and my dreams have come TRUE!"


Rachel started working with me right after a tough break-up. I helped her end toxic dating patterns, be true to herself, and start dating the right type of men... and she went on her last first date after only 8 weeks of working together! She is now happily married and and gave birth to her first daughter in April of 2019.

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What format is the information delivered in?
The masterclass (Understanding Men's Mixed Signals) is a one hour coaching video. Because there is SO much information and actionable steps, most of the masterclass is in slide format (✏️so I can list each step, strategy, or approach for you in a clear easy-to-follow manner). In a few sections you will see me talking to you (like we are in a 1:1 coaching meeting), but the majority is slide format. (My slides are cute and entertaining- so this will not only be impactful- but also fun to watch. 😉) You may fast forward, pause, or rewind at any point during the masterclass.⭐️ Both Bonuses included are guides➞ You may read the guides in the member's area OR download them to save on your device.
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I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund. (Although, I have had 1,000s of relationship-ready women participate in this masterclass and tell me how much clarity it has given them. 💗I can't wait for you to have the same experience!)
Is there any woman this masterclass is NOT for?
Yes, there certainly is. This masterclass is NOT for 1️⃣”Quick Fix Seekers”➞ I’m not about gimmicks or tricks because they typically only yield short-term results. My approach is incredibly holistic. This masterclass IS jam-packed with strategies you can apply NOW and see INSTANT results- but they are all about staying true to your authentic self. While I don’t have magical fairy dust to give you🧚‍♀️, I can offer you an easy to follow step-by-step plan and proven strategies for dealing with men's mixed signals. 2️⃣ “Hook-Up Phase”➞ While I have zero judgement if you’re just dating for fun, this masterclass is not for you. Understanding Men's Mixed Signals (and all of my coaching) is ONLY for the relationship-ready woman.

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“Shauna drastically changed my entire dating experience. Her approach and techniques allowed me to see dating in an entirely new light. I was about to "take a break" when I decided to make a change. These few changes changed everything! I finally attracted the right type of men and I had a clear plan as to which men to actually go on dates with.

Thanks to her, I found my One! I couldn't be happier being engaged to this wonderful, loving man!”


Jenny started working with me at 39. She feared that she was destine to be single and would miss out on becoming a Mom. She is now happily married with two daughters ages 4 and 2.


Still wondering if Understanding Men's Mixed Signals is right for you?

While the guidance, strategies, and actionable steps in this masterclass work for ANY relationship-ready woman,

⭐️There is ONE type of woman this masterclass is ESPECIALLY created for.

That type of women is ➞The GIVER

👉 Are YOU a GIVER when you're in relationship?

When you really care about someone are you willing to:

Go out of your way for him and make yourself available?

Help him with things he asks for help with?

Build him up when he's down or stop whatever you're doing because he needs you?

Compromise on certain things in order to make the relationship better?

⭐️See the best in him and give him the benefit of the doubt?⭐️

If you shook your head YES to any of these:

You are a GIVER.

Being a GIVER is a great quality to have... when you're in the RIGHT relationship....


... BUT...

Guess who GIVERS naturally attract?!


TAKERS who constantly give mixed signals.

🔥It is VERY hard to recognize when you are dating a TAKER... because YOU are NOTHING like that!

🔥Your naturally GIVING nature sets you up to repeat same the toxic pattern of dating emotionally unavailable men (just like the 5 types we are going to decode in Understanding Men's Mixed Signals) that only ends in you getting hurt.

Take a moment right now and

(ESPECIALLY if you are a GIVER.)

If your gut says, "This is NOT the right masterclass or coach for you" or "You are NOT ready for change"....

✨Then LISTEN! Do NOT unlock Understanding Men's Mixed Signals


If your gut says, "So much of this rings true. This IS the right masterclass for you!"


👉Take the leap of faith, get the answers you need, and unlock this masterclass!

Understanding Men's Mixed Signals WILL help you recognize the TRUE meaning behind these mixed signals AND give you a plan on exactly how to respond to them.

Mixed signals can simply be a miscommunication... OR they can be an excuse to keep you on the back burner because he doesn't want to commit.

Understanding Men's Mixed Signals is available to you right-this-very-second for only $17.

✨It's time to STOP stressing, START feeling confident, and take control over your dating life.


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“Thanks to Shauna, my life has changed completely!

When I was single and frustrated, Shauna's insights lead me in the right direction and straight to my husband!

I'm now married to my best friend and man of my dreams! She couldn't have been more right.”


Chelsea only needed a few tweaks to change her approach. She broke bad dating patterns, started recognizing red flags, and knew exactly what to look for in her One. She is now happily married and has two sons ages 5 and 3.


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